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2020 Vision - 20 Reg
Plate Campaign


The Brief:

To create an eye-catching campaign promoting the new 20 registration plate to customers.

The Solution:

It’s very easy to revert back to the generic ‘MY20 CAR’ campaign when a new registration plate comes out. However, it certainly doesn’t capture the imagination of the people within your area of influence.


Following a number of ideas from our creative meeting, we came up with the ideal campaign. 2020 Vision is a phrase that everyone has heard of and knows what it means. Leading with this in our campaign was a great way to entice customers to find out more, plus it gave us great scope for creativity. The artwork includes many well-known links to vision, specifically one that everyone recognises is the eye chart, which allowed us to include text relating to the offers available to customers.


The Application:

• Created artwork to be used across social media channels and website

• Began a Google AdWords campaign

• Created artwork used in newspaper adverts

• Built an eDM which was then sent to existing customers

Kia-2020-Vision-Victor-Wood_1000x1000 co
Kia-2020-Vision-Victor-Wood_1000x1000 co

The Result:

A clear increase in traffic through to the website and a significantly longer dwell time (how long an individual stays on the website) which showed the campaign was firstly catching people’s attention to click through to the website but also that the content they were seeing on the website was engaging and relevant to them.


We also saw an uplift in phone, website and social media enquiries all resulting in a fantastic order take prior to March 1st and also throughout March.

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