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Corkills Casino
- Staff Rewards 2019


The Brief:

Following a series of quarterly sales rewards programmes, create a new and exciting concept to energise the sales teams.

The Solution:

The Corkills Casino was launched. Chips being awarded for sales performance and accumulated over the campaign quarter. At the end of the incentive the teams joined together for a fantastic night in the Centre.


The Application:

• Created the ‘Corkills Casino’ logo which was used across all material

• Planned and executed a points (chips) scoring system which was shared online via a private and dedicated website

• Hosted the Casino night with trusted suppliers to deliver a fantastic staff experience to close off a difficult quarter.

The Result:

The engagement levels across the teams was fantastic with 100% buy in. Sales Managers were able to incorporate the Casino Chips into their morning meeting to keep up motivation levels and morale across the quarter. ​ The bottom line? Record breaking performances across the Group.

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