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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We take your privacy very seriously here at Rockfield Media Limited. This policy explains the what, how and why of the information we collect when you become a client of Rockfield Media our contact us through our website. It also explains the specific ways we use and disclose that information. 


We will not use your personal details for marketing purposes.


What data is collected?

When entering a contract with Rockfield Media Limited, we collect your personal data (name, email address and phone number) in order to carry out the services you require from us contractually.


When you enter an enquiry into we take your personal data (name and email address, or any other form of personal data you offer voluntarily) in order to respond to your enquiry.


Will personal data be given to anyone else?

Rockfield Media Limited respects your privacy and will never give out your personal data unless at your request (for example, to a supplier for delivery). We will never sell your details to anyone else.


Security of personal data


Rockfield Media Limited stores your personal data in a secure database that is encrypted. 


How long is personal data store for?


If entering a contract with Rockfield Media Limited, we will only hold your personal data for the length of the contract. After which, your data will be deleted unless otherwise stated by you.

After making an enquiry on, your personal data will be deleted, unless entering a contract with Rockfield Media Limited (as above) or otherwise stated by you.


What happens to my client’s data I have collected?


Rockfield Media Limited is a processor of your date. You are the controller of that data. After the task in hand has been carried out, all personal date given to Rockfield Media Limited to process will be deleted unless otherwise stated by you. Rockfield Media Limited will not store any of your client’s personal data at any time. We use MailChimp as a third party processor. All data is stored on MailChimp for 7 days after a campaign has been published and is then deleted by Rockfield Media Limited unless otherwise stated by you. MailChimp is fully compliant with the GDPR.


Can I opt out?

When entering a contract with Rockfield Media Limited you give your consent for us to hold your personal data for contractual reasons.

If you wish for us to no longer hold your personal data, please email stating your wish to opt out.


You can also opt out through our website Contact page  

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