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Summer of Love
Victor Wood


The Brief:

Promotion of the new 67 registration plate to help drive new car orders and hit the target for the quarter.

The Solution:

After rattling our brains, we decided on the nostalgia feel of the year 1967. To achieve this, we produced an eye-catching event called the ‘Summer of Love’.


The Application:

• Created the ‘Summer of Love’ logo to be used across all material.

• Planned and executed a social media timeline before and during the event with creative and wording bringing the nostalgic feel to customers.

• Summer of Love branded point of sale including flyers, outdoor banners, pull up banners, windscreen stickers, posters, toblerones.

The Result:

The response from the campaign was amazing, social media posts were flooded with comments from customers loving the throwback to ’67 which meant the number of people reached was through the roof. This helped generate the highest new registration plate order take in the dealership’s history and was a fantastic way to create brand awareness not only in the area of interest but also further afield.

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