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The Motor Company
Taunton - Branding


The Brief:

Our clients, K&R Autos asked us to create a new, unique, and stand out brand identity for them. Having parted company with a motor brand, they wanted to inject some personality back into their independent business. One that stood out in a crowded marketplace, and one that represented their long standing, local business.


The Solution:

We created a modern design, which will now be used as a constant thread running throughout the business. The logo has additional use beyond simply being a logo, as it has been styled in such a way as to creates shapes and backgrounds. The logo also resembles a steering wheel but also the full circle representing the ongoing cycle of car ownership.

Free Floating Business Card Mockup-O.jpg

The Application:

Full showroom, web redesign, social media, business packs inc letter heads, lanyards, packs etc.

The Result:

We achieved our goal of creating stand-out branding, that can run through the entire business.

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