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Silhouette Event
- Hadwins 2018

The Brief:

Our Audi and Volkswagen clients had a huge volume of stock that they needed to sell to not only achieve their target for the month of November (Black Friday month) but also free up space on site.

The Solution:

An invite-only ‘Silhouette Event’ with a clean, premium style design worded to entice customers who are looking to change their car.


The Application:

• Premium feel direct mail piece with high shine finish in a branded envelope posted to database.

• Sales training and a script for all salespeople to help increase appointments with follow up phone calls to customers.

• ‘Silhouette Event’ branded point of sale including windscreen stickers and pull up banners

The Result:

Over the week in which the event was included, both Lake District Audi and Hadwins Volkswagen saw their sales double and set a new sales record! This meant that not only did both dealerships achieve their targets for the quarter but also reached their bonus objective.

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